Cole Bazin

what’s ur fave welcomes tattoo boi and Old Crow alumni Cole Bazin.

I currently have two zappers from Cole, and plan to have a bunch more. This week he helps me open up the second season of this lil show, because I asked him on a thousand years ago and I keep my promises! It’ll take me a year to get there, but by gawrsh, I’ll get there.

You can find Cole on Instagram, and on his website.


what’s ur fave welcomes back the all-around lovely Wes Koop.

BeyoncĂ© bonded us and will hold us together forever. This week, after an extremely lengthy hiatus, my bestest bud Wes helps me wrap up season 1 of this podcast child of mine. I’m not going to lie – there’s very likely to be another long pause before kicking off season 2, but I’m excited for the people who have already agreed to be guests! 

In the meantime, please enjoy this brand new episode, wherein we discuss the perfect bathrooms to poop in, why I love my sister, and the occasional cameo by Samus the cat.

Megan Maxwell

what’s ur fave welcomes spin-class hypebeast and reformed scene kid, Megan Maxwell.

There are just some things that you go through and can’t help but become close friends, by which I mean Megan really did doodle Pete Wentz’s name in her French 9 binder in high school and it somehow bonded us forever. This week we talk about toques, adulthood, and the cult she joined (lol).

You can find Megan on Instagram.

Liam Johnstone

what’s ur fave welcomes Old Crow’s resident nerdy sadboy artist, Liam Johnstone.

Guys, this week we get real deep and actually very rambly, in what I hope you’ll agree is the best kind of way. We talk about hairstyles, dope historical magic facts, and how anger can be a force for good.

You can find Liam on Instagram.

Dustin Hovey

what’s ur fave welcomes writer/actor/human man Dustin Hovey.

We reflect on our changing perceptions of ourselves and others, talk about Dustin’s adorable pupper, and the perks and pitfalls of being your friendly neighbourhood “KFC Guy”.

(Also I can’t believe I forgot to call him out on the time he honest to God dropped me on my face in the middle of the front hall of our high school literally half an hour before we went on a field trip to the waterslides and I couldn’t get my face wet because I was actually missing a chunk of skin from RUG BURN. Love you, Dustin.)

You can find Dustin on Instagram and YouTube.